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LOL I can't wait to visit London!
Katie | Email | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 8:50 am | #


(Crossing Britain off my list of possible travels . . . )

And you call this country of yours civilized? Or is this just London? Is the countryside better? And, are you looking forward to getting out of that hellhole you just described?

Well, to me the big city life seems like a "hellhole." Heh. Big cities such as the one you described, anyway.
Evil One | Email | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 8:56 am | #


I love it.

I fantasise about living in the remote countryside, but I could never do it. I adore city life, but I like the idea of living in countryside less than half an hour away from London by train.

It misses out so much. Eye contact/talking is permissable when you have been stuck in a tube carriage for half an hour with no announcements and the temperature is well over one hundred degree's. Drunken camaraderie. The fact that market stall holders know their area like the back of their hand and always give directions.

People talk funny in the countryside. And chew straw ;.)
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 2:27 pm | #


Well, now. Countrified livin' isn't mech dif'ernt from our'n, is it?

I will be visiting some rural places in about two and half weeks! As you are well aware, heh.

I love the idea of farm living and the solitude of bountiful acreage, but then . . . machete wielding man!
Evil One | Email | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 3:50 pm | #


Exactly. I want my neighbours to hear the screams. Or more accurately, machete man to pick next door in the first place.

Which is easier when your nearest neighbour isn't a hill and a dale away.
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 10.06.04 - 3:00 am | #


You are so evil. Eeeeeee-ville.

I mean, where is your compassion? Your self-sacrifice? Your courage?

You want machete man to get someone ELSE?

Evil One | Email | Homepage | 10.06.04 - 9:44 am | #


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