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Sigh. You're welcome. Calm down a bit.

You know, I have to guffaw a bit when I see the power people give to GWB. As though he is the one who single-handedly did all the "ills" you just listed in your blog entry.

All that stuff has been argued and contemplated way before GWB.

If you could give me more detailed points as to why you think you will say goodbye to all those things, I am willing to "listen." Maybe.
Evil One | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 3:35 pm | #


The air looks the same as it did 4 years ago (actually it's better where I live since Clinton left). Roe v. Wade stands. Homosexuals are gaining more rights, starting at state levels. Civil liberties haven't changed: I have the right to own a gun, freedom of speech, vote, worship at the church I chose, move about the country as I wish, etc.

War... I'm not saying the means justifies the end but isn't anyone a tiny bit happy the murdering, repressive dictator Saddam Huessin is out of power?

Katie | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 4:08 pm | #


I'm trying very hard not to make a political post on my blog but the attitude that Americans who voted for Bush are stupid, ignorant sheep is really starting to bug me.

I voted because I believe in his education plan, no act of terrism has happened on USA soil because of Bush's aggressive approach, and I like the Republican tax/economy approach. I know most people don't like it but I am pro-life and Kerry's agressive stand on partial-birth abortions makes me sick to my stomach.

Katie | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 4:20 pm | #


So maybe it was selfish on my part and that of Americans to vote for Bush for the above reasons but this is my county, my vote. I don't think Americans in general voted for Bush to piss off the rest of the world. They did what was best for themselves as Americans. I don't expect you to vote in your country in a way to help out my country. Obviously that's not how it's suppose to work.

Okay I'll chill now...
Katie | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 4:26 pm | #


Can't blame me today. ;o)
Snapper | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 4:59 pm | #


Who backed out of the Kyoto treaty? Something like 147 nations signed up. Guess who weaseled his way out? Leader of the world's greatest polluter. Hence my concern for the air.

From what I understand later terminations are becoming harder and harder to obtain. That is an erosion of the right to choose. People may not like abortions, but no-one forces anyone to have one. Don't like it, don't do it. Leave other women's uteri alone.

Homeland Security (other than being a huge pile of pants) is certainly an erosion of civil liberties.

Several articles have come from Iraqi women who preferred life under Saddam to the fundamental twats now gaining influence in Iraq....not GWB. I imagine they might have something to say.

DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 5:20 pm | #


I accept he was a murderous bastard, without a doubt. But under that reasoning I can come and invade the USA, and imprison your glorious leader for his crimes. Of which there are many.

As for acts of terrorism, well that is just a matter of time, isn't it. I find it quite funny that people think GWB can keep them safe - was he just daydreaming back in 2001 and just didn't get round to anything?

I agree Americans didn't vote this way to piss off the rest of the world (even though it probably has!) but we all have to live with your choice. What Bliar does in politics does not impact the world in the same way. Sadly, GWB's actions do. And it is the global picture the rest of the world is focusing on. We don't care about tax or education - it is his actions on the world stage.

I think perhaps calming down is good now. I have beer and tea. Take your pick.....but be quick if you want some beer!
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 5:20 pm | #


Very good points. Although I still like the Evil One's "Kerry is Scary."

I promise to keep a closer eye on Bush's global policies. America is far from perfect as you all know. It's important to have someone point this out to us. Often.

Tea is fine, I need something to stay awake after waiting up til 3am for the results. hehe
Katie | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 5:41 pm | #


We did that too....and then got up early for work/further coverage.

I've had three cans of diet coke on top of five cups of tea today. On the upside, I am well aware of the decorating jobs needed in my bathroom now!

I like the comic strips of Kerry as Lurch. The resemblance is startling.
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 6:17 pm | #


Why do we matter so much? Why do we influence your world, while you don't influence ours? You can afford to not care about our taxes or education... We cannot. I will never in my lifetime vote based on popularity.
I have heard sooo much about how our rights are being eroded, but the most needed right I still have... the right to bear arms. If we ever have to defend ourselves from a foreign nation or even our own government I will be armed and ready.
I am stopping... I have beer if you run out Sarah... I need some tonight after going to the forum LOL!
Sarah | Email | Homepage | 11.03.04 - 10:18 pm | #


Well, Katie, The Evil One stands speechless.

How . . . have . . . you . . .

I . . . am . . . very . . .

I . . . have . . . never . . . seen . . . you . . .

Be so decisive and forceful. When is Greg out of town, again? I just may have to reward you with phone sex. Guffaw!
Evil One | Email | Homepage | 11.04.04 - 7:10 am | #


Don't get me started on gun rights!

I don't want people to be sheep like and follow the popular crowd. I just don't want a lying maniac in power with an itchy trigger finger.

You influence our world as you have enough weapons to wipe it out. And a leader who has stated he will use nuclear force if met with opposition to invasion (of Iraq). I don't know about you, but that scares the crap out of me.
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.04.04 - 3:38 pm | #


Sarah... could you point me to where and when Bush said he would use nuclear weapons against opposition to invasion? I have searched and searched and the closest I can come to that is a national strategy to combat WMD's from 02 which states Nukes could be used if Iraq used chemical or bio weapons on our troops.
BTW why don't you want me to get you started on gun rights?
Sarah | Email | Homepage | 11.04.04 - 3:53 pm | #


Katie, one question. How are homosexuals gaining more rights when 11 states have banned gay marriages?
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.04.04 - 3:53 pm | #


But why should homosexuals have marriage?

Marriage is still defined as a man and a woman.

Plenty of people don't worry about a piece of paper, anyway.

And this talk in the forums of how little religion played in the founding of our country, or something akin to that. Bull.

During the ROAD TRIP, I saw a blurb about how MUCH God and religious thought played in our past, and how it still does. It brought out how certain groups, today would have people believe it didn't, and how kids aren't even learning HUGE bits of information that even relates to this topic in school, as these people want to wipe the memory and history of religious thought from our past.

My god! I have so much to research. So much! I have heard so much shit on the Internet, I just can't stand it. But where can I begin?

Whew. Breathe.
Evil One | Email | Homepage | 11.04.04 - 4:56 pm | #


Great post Sarah.

I feel exactly the same way....and I have to live with this fuckwad as my president:/
Shelly | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 1:34 am | #


Bush stated during Shock and Awe that any chemical or biological attack would be met with a nuclear strike. A chemical attack would be resistance to invasion, would it not? Therefore he stated he would use nukes.

As to gun rights, you know where I stand on those.

I do'nt get personally why homosexuals would want to marry. I don't know why they would want anything to do with the church, to be honest. But if they want a recognisable union, then hell yes! It is no skin off my nose if they want to marry.
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 6:28 am | #


I have so much to research too - I have come across so much shit put out too. Except I suspect our shit is from differing sides.

Just because religion may have played a part in the founding of your country, doesn't mean it should today. Times have changed - after all it used to be ok to burn Catholics at the stake. I believe it is wrong to have the religious beliefs of another enshrined in law. As is happening.

The history shouldn't be wiped out and forgotten, but nor should it be repeated today. Church should stah the hell out of politics.
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 6:33 am | #


Thanks Shelly!

So are you leaving for Canada?!
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 6:34 am | #


haha The moving to Canada line cracks me up every time. I guess high taxes and long waits for medical care are worth taking the moral high ground, right?

DMouse I adore you, thank you for giving me the other view on all this.
Katie | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 10:20 am | #


That's life in the UK too. Damn right it's worth the moral high ground! Although with Bliar as George Bush's personal arse kisser, the UK can't claim to be any better.

We have our chance next year. no doubt the Sun readers will fuck us over too.

Thanks for your thoughts too. This wouldn't be as interesting if it weren't for the other side's thoughts. Although thoughts might be too strong a word........;.)!
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 10:39 am | #


Anyway.......how many Canadians have declared bankruptcy over medical bills?
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 10:43 am | #


Nope. Not going to Canada. I'm staying here and fighting
Shelly | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 12:59 pm | #


Good. I hope it makes a difference.
DMouse007 | Email | Homepage | 11.05.04 - 4:30 pm | #


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