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This is going to sound hollow and cheap.

It's ok to let yourself love them. It's terrible when you lose them, but your life has been richer for Harvey having been a part of it.

I think the pulling away is a natural defense mechanism, a way of protecting yourself. Give yourself time to grieve - Harvey's worth every bit of it.
Kimmer | Email | Homepage | 01.28.05 - 4:07 pm | #


I agree with what Kimmer said. Let yourself pull away for a while (but still try to bond with that puppy!). You'll gravitate back when you're ready.

And believe it or not, you CAN go through this with all of them. Really. It sucks, but you survive.
Cecily | Email | Homepage | 01.28.05 - 4:29 pm | #


Very wise words from Kimmer. Grief will take some time, Sarah. {{hugs}}
PEZ | Email | Homepage | 01.28.05 - 7:17 pm | #

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