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New pics please.

(I need a glowing plug for what it is about typepad that makes you love it so...)


It works! Is that glowing enough?

I haven't had any problems with getting in or posting, which I was increasingly having with Blogger. I can track site hits and referrals, and I can blog from my mobile phone should I desire.......

Yay for the new 'do! I've had that same feeling of getting a lot of hair cut off - it's a very "oh, so that's what I look like" feeling. Seconding request for pictures, please.


So where are the pics???


I bet you look beautiful! Photo please!


I want to see.

I would die if I cut my hair short. I would have nothing to play with, I'm a twirler. The plus side is that I wouldn't have to listen to people tell me repeatedly, "stop twirling your hair." As if I can stop.

Miss Arrogant

OMG, you gotta post a pic..duh.


Oh, yes...we must see at least one picture girl!

Sounds like it was refreshing. Cutting hair can be very symbolic, don't you think? A new start sort of thing.
I dig it.



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