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They're putting a roundabout in one of our local roads, and I'm already worried about navigating it.

#5 could be written by me, especially when I'm on the highway. ESPECIALLY when I'm on the highway on the way to Florida. "Get up or get over!"

What's your favorite term of abuse for idiot motorists? I pretty much never swear with the kids in the car, but if I'm driving by myself, you can almost guaranteed that I'll call at least one person a dicknose or asshat. It isn't deliberate; it just comes out.

I have similar issues as #2, but usually wimp out and let them cut in.

I'm really glad we don't have many tolls around here to deal with.


Inbred cousinfucker has been creeping in a lot of late.....and dickwad, arsewipe, wankstain, arsewhore (for my fellow females)......the list goes on. Anything goes. Fucker and arse are the easiest to get out.

Even the Boy is in on it. He used to cast spells to try and blow people up, but now he just yells at them too. His insult of choice is dickhead, and he considers yelling that worth the inevitable punishment. Not that I am harsh, since I yell insults too........

And now I am setting off on a 100 mile trip involving the cursed M25. No doubt I will have more pointers to add tonight!


There is no way I'm driving when I go over to London. The roundabouts in the Bahamas scared the hell out of me and driving on the left side of the road is so weird. Great guide!

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