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Miss Arrogant

OMG, LOL. That reminds me of the time my brother stuck his head in the oven to light the pilot light. He came out looking like a scarecrow. I think it took a year off my mother's life.


You know, the members of your family all have their own distinctive traits - ya gotta love them for being unique, right?

Garlic butter on a poached egg sounds heavenly!


heh. My old cat dived up the chimney while the fire was on once. He'd just been sitting there, staring at it, and suddenly he was off. We turned the fire off and coaxed him down, and when he finally came he was black and had curly whiskers. He was nuts. I miss him.


LOL silly cat.

I really like this set up. If I wasn't so lazy, I think i would switch to TypePad too.


It's really easy, and not expensive.

You just make some little changes to your Blogger template and then you can import them directly. Takes five minutes tops......

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