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Do I understand this correctly that because your team is up to date, you're getting saddled with extra work?

Being sad about Harvey will come back at times, hard as that is. Grief isn't always linear. All the stress you're going through right now can't be helping. :(


Spot on.

I am working for another team today. I have a 180 mile roundtrip to make in order to do it, and I have to work tomorrow to complete my own work.

And the bloody motorway is shut at the moment.


I'm sorry you are so stressed! It must be going around. It is so difficult to not be emotional when under a lot of pressure, I find.

You will always miss Harvey, and I'm sorry...it comes and goes. I still cry about my Bella from time to time, who was killed in October, and I even cry about my childhood cat sometimes, who died 18 yrs ago!
Try not to think too much about the details...just remember that Harvey had more love when he was alive than many people get in a lifetime.

Miss Arrogant

Ditto on the grief stuff. It never really goes away, it just changes form from time to time. I swear, it is a livable condition.

As for Lila...sounds like you got yourself a right proper toddler. Except if you leave her at home alone, no one will come after you. Hmmm...maybe I can trade C in for a dog....


I hope your busy season gets on and over with soon.
{{{Hugs}}} to you......I'm sorry for your pain over Harvey.

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