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The proposal cracks me up!

Can't wait to hear The Boy's speech, and see the pictures!

Zombie Henchman, heh.

Congratulations again!


Sounds like you have many of the details already worked out. Love the Zombie Henchman comment and I am sure his speech will be memorable! Congratulations, Sarah!


Yay! Hooray! I'm so happy for you!
Love the church. :)

Congrats, Mouse.

I don't know if you should keep that canine. If she keeps hitting The Baron in the bollocks and all that, well . . . you want kids, right!

Wish I could share some ideas about the wedding with you, and now that I have been into this marriage for almost thirteen years, and I am a lot wiser than I was at 18, you'd better believe I'd consider an October wedding during my precious autumn season. Heh.

I can see it now -- simple dresses in the most gorgeous of autumn colors. Ah. Perhaps deep gold, burgundy and maybe some kind of orange flame. Sigh. I had three girls, so that would work.

Well, look forward to hearing more. :-)


Nice. Nice. Nice.
What is the temp for you guys in October?

kross-eyed kitty

What a romantic proposal!
I think it's really a great idea to have the engagement ring reset. That must have made the Baron very happy! Your wedding plans sound lovely...just one question? What's a litterbox cake?!


Beautiful! A fall wedding sounds so lovely and the church is gorgeous. Good luck with the other plans, I can't wait to hear more about them (in other words, keep us updated on the progress!).

Miss Arrogant

That church is beautiful! I think you have this thing well thought out, congratulations. I pretty much did my whole wedding myself...it was easier. Hell, I picked up my bouquet from a street vendor florist the day before. She had some "last minute" flowers available for a third of the price!

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