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Was that the boy?


Harvey died? Ahhh =( I'm soo sorry. I'm just visiting your blog again after a long hiatus and of course the first category I clicked on was the cats. Sigh.

Well, I do have some happyish news - remember that MySuicideDiary girl? It was all a fake. I just remembered it today and decided to do some research. Ta da: http://myregicidediary.blogspot.com/2004_01_01_myregicidediary_archive.html


Pam!!!! How are you? I haven't seen you around in so long - what have you been up to?

My sweet Harvey was killed in January when he decided that birds were too easy to catch and a car was a far more worthy opponent. Needless to say, we have indoor only cats now. I wish I hadn't had to lose Harvey to convince Richard of that......

We adopted Ozzie in Harvey's memory, and he is the sweetest and most laid back cat in the entire world.


Anon - I take it you aren't a fan of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy (the Restaurant at the End of the Universe)?!

Miss Arrogant

That was me..dam, I hate that this thing won't remember my name.

See, I am a fan, but I am not good at remembering everything. I am sure The Big D would have gotten the reference right off.

I will now turn in my nerd badge, for I am unworthy!

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