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Pictures! Where are the pictures?!? I doesn't have to be with you in the dress, though that is preferred. Isn't that a great feeling, to know that you have THE dress, the best dress ever?

Cool. Now you know what will happen as to make the dress nolonger fit, right? ;)


Yeay! So glad you found the dress--it sounds gorgeous!

I do hope you share some pics...:-)


Your dress sounds gorgeous! Care to share photos of it?

It must be your lucky day to have only been cautioned over speeding. Now slow down! :)

Kross-Eyed Kitty

Congratulations on finding The Perfect Dress, it sounds like you had some Ultimate Retail Therapy today! Looking forward to seeing the pics, the dress sounds lovely!


Wow, sounds absolutely beautiful! I remember that grin too, you've definitely found the right dress.

Miss Arrogant

Awesome. I am soo happy for you!

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