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I had guessed who was going to get it in the end too but like you I was surprised by who did it. I did not cry either but I was a little shocked. And now another two year wait. Aaargh!

Congrats on all the great bounty of your garden!


Like Pez, I was suprised who did it although I should have guessed the Half Blood Prince's identity way sooner (my sister did). The wait is going to be miserable!

Your garden sounds wonderful, I wish I have one!


N is reading it right now. I will wait when he's done. He says it's good and I'm shutting my eyes to any spoilers. Two years is way too long to wait, though.

Btw, very envious of those strawberry jams! Wish I could do that!

Miss Arrogant

I am totally bummed about the wait for the next book...but at least we have the movies to keep us occupied in between!
I didn't guess a thing, but that's just the way I like it.
Great book and now I have to read it again!

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