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I'm so glad you stayed home today, I've been worried about you since I read about the bombings earlier. London will go on but it's still such an awful event.

Miss Arrogant

God damn. That's soo messed up. I thought of you the minute I saw the news. I knew you took that route. I am SOOO glad you stayed home. I'm soo sorry those people lost their lives over stupid stupid shit.


I'm glad you opted to stay home. Been thinking of you all day...


I'm glad you stayed home today, but so sad everyone is going through this.


I too am glad you stayed home. I cannot imagine how scary it was just being in London while it happened. Stay safe.


Very glad you stayed home, too.

Loved Red Ken's speech...we will not be defeated.

Kross-Eyed Kitty

fate was on your side...you were home. I'm very glad that you and your family and friends are all ok.
there are some screwed up people in the world.


I'm so glad to hear you and family are safe. Just heard about this last night and came here first chance to make sure you were OK.


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