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Kross-Eyed Kitty

You've been a busy girl these past few weeks! All this, AND planning a wedding?! Are you a sucker for punishment?!
Oh well, just think how lovely it will be to have brand new flooring throughout. I have laminate flooring in my condo, and I would definitely recommend it. There are absolutely no scratches from the cats hind claws (and none from Greg's hind claws either!) It is apparently very easy to install...good luck with whatever you chose!


Yikes! Sorry about the carpet. I spilt blue paint on the carpet and smeared it in while trying to get it out. Fortunately it is in the corner of the room.

Have fun picking out new flooring! If I can manage I'll come help lay it. :)

Miss Arrogant

If you send airfare, I will be your bitch for at least a week!


I agree with Kross-Eyed Kitty on laminate flooring, I love Pergo!


We are definitely having more Amtico downstairs

Upstairs we will have laminate of some description, but I imagine we will either have naked stairs or re-carpet. Something like seagrass.

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