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Miss Arrogant

Oh, sweetie, don't fret. It'll happen.

I have a suggestion. Write a list of all the things you will miss being able to do once you have a little one running around, then go out and do those things!

Enjoy them. Then when you have a kid, you can tell him/her all the stories of when Mum was a happy child-free. :)

I know exactly how you feel though. It's strange the longings our bodies can produce in us.


I'm not. Sigh.


I'm sorry, Cecily. Are you still on target for the autumn?


Sorry Pen.....:( It's hard....


Seriously....another two have announced it today.

I'm going to go and get very drunk. Since I can.


Sheesh! I'm just glad I'm not announcing I'm pregnant.


You'd better not! I think there have been quite enough annoucements of late, without medical miracles as well ;.)

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