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*sigh* My cats are immune to 'nip. Wonder if ritalin works the same way...?


I thought the catnip thing was just a urban myth! Wow. What a way to keep the pets well-behaved. Does it work on teenagers, do you think?


I wish!

This is the first time that all six have been interested. Male cats are more susceptible to its charms, and when we tried other brands, only the boys responded.

This time, the girls were just as keen to get their share.

I need to find dog nip.

Miss Arrogant

That is so fucking hilarious.

kross-eyed kitty

LOL! My Kross-eyed one LOVES Kitty Nip! It grows wild up at the trailer and we brought it home a few weeks ago. I kid you not, he was so happy that he did a somersault off of my lap!
I now have it hanaging on a hook to dry and I swear he can spend hours staring at it, willing a bud to drop to the floor!
I'd be happy to send you some for your monsters. (When I read your last post I also laughed as Greg and I frequently refer to our cats as the Monsters. As is "Have you fed the Monsters yet?")


That would be fantastic!

Ours have been the Monsters, from when we got Frankie to keep Harvey company. The pair of them were so mischievous and ratbaggy together that the name stuck.


When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher for German gave me a baggie of some unknown dried grassy stuff. As I looked at him in alarm, he explained that it was home grown catnip, and his cats went nuts for it.

I took it home to my tortoiseshell, who promptly went crazy for it. I stashed it in a high cupboard in the kitchen. The next day, when I got home, there was catnip everywhere, and the cat was stoned for about two days!

kross-eyed kitty

If you like, send me your address thru my email and I will mail you some. There is tons of it that grows wild up north at the trailer so It's very easy for me to get a bunch for you.


LMAO!!! You enabler, you!

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