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harharhar. funny! here via michele today. :)

Kross-Eyed Kitty

You have two weeks, and no doubt the colour will fade into a beautiful brunette.
Be glad that you will not have half your head shaved and be wearing a lightshade!
I should probably read this entry over and over again because, I too, have grey at the temples that I plan to get rid of before the big day!
I never listen to good advice though, and probably in about three weeks time I'll also be going through the hair horror.


Get your hair fixed professionally. Yes, it's ridiculously expensive, but it will be worth it, just in stress relief.


No worries about your hair. It will turn into a lovely shade of brown in a week, I swear. How do I know? I coloured my hair two weeks ago Andie McDowell brown (actress from "4 Weddings and a Funeral" and current L'Oreal spokesperson) and it was way too dark for the first few days but has since faded to a nice shade of brown.

In any event, give it a week and if it is still too dark, spend the money and go get it fixed for your wedding. Oh, and maybe stay away from L'Oreal? ;)


So you've had a boring few weeks then huh? ;) I'm sorry the puppies are hurting, I hope they feel better soon.

Miss Arrogant

Damn, woman. It's okay to have a boring time of it, you know. You don't have to jazz up your life just to entertain us. ;)

Poor baby. I'm with Pez...see if the color fades, then go to a professional. Hugs to the dogs and hah at the boy.

(I need new knickers too)


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