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Kross-Eyed Kitty

I was a late bloomer too, and I probably wouldn't have too many hottie stories to talk about either, although I guess I could come up with one or two.
One week! I've got three to go and am still trying to decide on flowers.
Enjoy your week, I hope it's not too stressful. glad to hear that you are happy with your hair!


This next week is going to fly by. I am glad you had a good time out with the girls.

Sorry about the road, your 98 year-old guest (or former guest) and dog.


One week, eek! I'm excited for you! Glad you like the Goth hair (I just went red yesterday).

Miss Arrogant

I am the one and only for my hubby too. He doesn't feel like he missed out on something. I can't imagine 40 though...wowza!
Glad you had a wonderful hen party. Sorry, the road closed and you lost a guest. And sorry about Lila. I hope she is feeling better soon.
I'm glad you are in good spirits though.

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