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That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Miss Arrogant

So is that like pudding pudding or pudding as in dessert? I suppose it could count as both. Oh boy, I think I just made a brain cell explode. I shan't ask anymore silly questions for the day.


It was a steamed chocolate cake (but we call them steamed puddings) with hot chocolate sauce exploding out of it.

Speaking of explosions, I completely forgot to mention the largest peacetime explosion in Europe that took place at 6.03AM on Sunday morning. It woke us up with a rather large bang, which was heard in the Netherlands.


I'd love to see some of your knitting projects. Hope you didn't get hurt falling tits over ass (that expression makes me laugh!). Was Chronicles of Narnia worth as good as I am hoping? I liked the cheesy BBC production but I imagine this one is much better.


I loved the BBC version, but this was really excellent!

Miss Arrogant

OMG, that sounds good! In my best Homer Simpson impression....Chocolate....*drool*

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