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Whose birthday? Do you and Baron have birthdays close together?

How many years are you, now? I don't like to think of these years piling up. Heh.

Must you ALWAYS speak of these evil felines? ;-)

Could I ask more questions? Yes, yes I could.


Happy belated birthday, DMouse! And to the Baron too. And Happy Adoptaversaries for the kitties too.

Glad your mom was not seriously hurt in that accident. And I am so glad you are back. You have been sorely missed.


Evil, my birthday is the 16th and the Baron's is on the 18th.

I have reached the giddy heights of 28. How sad.

And yes, my kitties are my babies :)

Thanks Denine! It is nice to be back.

Miss Arrogant

Woohoo!My English namesake is back. :D Happy Adoptiversary to the animals and Happy Birthdays to you two.

Trust me, you are not boring. Cheers, mate.


Welcome back to the land of the electronic! Glad to hear your mom didn't get hurt, and that you survived your birthdays. I can't believe Harvey's been gone a year already. I know it's a cliche, but where DOES the time go?

kross-eyed kitty

Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries all around!
Glad that your back, and also glad that your mom is okay.

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