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Sorry that you have one sickness on top of the other. Feel better soon.

I did laugh at the image of Lila looking like Jar Jar Binks! Poor thing!


I told you that these animals are more trouble than they are worth, but do you listen? No. Sigh.

We keep shocking one another around here, and I frequently think of how angry your felines become when you shock them or they shock themselves on the computer. Heh.


I love my animals.

When I have yet another negative pregnancy test, who headbutts me, purrs and makes me feel happy?


If I lived closer to you or you to me, I'd headbutt and purr for you after your negative tests. I would even headbutt the felines. I draw the line at the Rottie. :-)

Miss Arrogant

Look at the bright side, at least now you have one thing that Lila won't do again. :)


Evil, I don't blame you there :) There are days that Lila scares even me!


My cat used to chew through wires, I think we finally started rubbing hot sauce on them all. Makes the house smell lovely. Feel better soon!


Quit knitting and come back to blogging!

kross-eyed kitty

Are you feeling better yet?!
If you need another cat...I'll send you mine. (Just as a lender, of course!)

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