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Miss Arrogant

Nice list. I watch Brainiac every once in a while...it's crazy cool. BTW, what is Bacon Butty? I suppose I could just google it...


I always wondered how one decides to become a phlebotomist. Why did you and how long did you do it?


Bacon butty = bacon sandwich.

Pez, I called the local hospital as I wanted to do some volunteer work in the pathology lab (I was at University doing Biomedical Science) and I spoke to the Head of Pathology.

He said I could come in for some work experience and that he also had a vacancy for a phlebotomist (paid) and that would also help my degree. So I went in, did my training, and ended up working in out-patients and later on the wards (I covered all of them two days a week) and then taking the samples back and preparing them.

Then I got to rotate round the departments every afternoon to analyse the samples I'd taken (and I later got to do other samples - faeces, semen, CSF etc as well as making slides and learning how to anaylse those).

I had enough hours of experience when I got my degree to work there as a part qualified biomedical scientist. As the hospital had a vacancy for that, they were more than happy to pay me to learn.

I really enjoyed it, but when my starting salary as a PQ was only £7,500 and the interview for a trainee accountant (no experience) was £15,500, there wasn't too much competition! I did eventually have plans to leave home after all!

kross-eyed kitty

Mmmmm...I could go for a bacon butty right now!

Miss Arrogant

Bacon Butty sounds soo much better than BLT. I'll take one! Oh wait, I haven't had bacon in forever....hell, I'll do it anyway. :)


We no wonder you changed career paths. I was wondering how you ended up as an accountant.

Still cool that you were a phlebotomist then worked to analyze the samples.


Mm, chocolate cake.

Cool list, I like learning something new about my internet friends. :)

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